Part Four | Megalithic Geoengineering - Shining Land

Shining Land
The ancient sites of West Penwith, Cornwall
Palden Jenkins
Shining Land
and what they tell us about megalithic civilisation
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Part Four | Megalithic Geoengineering

Maps and images from Chapter Eighteen:
Alignments in West Penwith
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Map of Near-Parallel Alignments in West Cornwall
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Key:  | ^ Neolithic Tor | * Cliff Sanctuary
• 123.0°. Cape Cornwall* – Boscawen-ûn stone circle – Kemyel Point* (Alignment 79)
• 124.0°. Pendeen Watch* – Chûn Castle – Lesingey Round – Lizard Point*. (157)
• 123.5°. Bosigran Castle* – Carn Galva^ – St Michael’s Mount^ – Pollurian Head*. (107)
• 122.0°. Gurnard’s Head* – Castle an Dinas enclosure – Porthleven Head – Carrick Lûz*. (117)
• 121.5°. Trendrine Cairns – Trencrom Hill^ – Godolphin Hill – Three Brothers of Grugwith quoit. (126)
• 121.3°. Carnsew hillfort – (two barrows) – Bonallack Barton – Tremayne Barrow – Dean Point*. (KE18)
• 119.5°. St Ives Head* – (a succession of seven barrows). (KE23)
• 118.2°. Trevarnon Round – Maen Tol stone – Rosemullion Head*. (KE2)
• 120.0°. Crane Castle* – Carn Brea^ – Stithians Moor menhir – Pendennis Point*. (201)
Maps and images from Chapter Nineteen:
Power Points
Chy Praze cairn
Carfury menhir
Chy Praze cairn
on the north coast near Portheras Cove
Carfury menhir
a major hub and relay menhir
Carfury menhir
Carfury menhir alignment to St Michael's Mount
Carfury menhir
Closer up
Carfury menhir
and its astronomical alignment to St Michael's Mount
Botrea Barrows
Caer Bran, looking toward Lamorna Gap
Botrea Barrows
four large platform barrows
The banks of Caer Brân
looking toward the Lamorna Gap
Lesingey Round
Alignments in the Boscawen-un stone circle complex
Lesingey Round
Alignments in the Boscawen-ûn stone circle complex
Maps and images from Chapter Twenty:
Reality Fields
Carn Kenidjack
Carn Kenidjack
A natural primary site and neolithic tor
Boscawen-ûn stone circle in the mist
A major alignment hub
Chapel Carn Brea
Chapel Carn Brea
The last hill in Britain, topped by neolithic and bronze age barrows
Maps and images from Chapter Twenty-One:
Carn Galva from the Nine Maidens
Boswens menhir with Chun Quoit behind
Carn Galva
as seen from the Nine Maidens stone circle
Boswens menhir
Proxy menhir for Tregeseal - with Chûn Quoit behind on a 'false horizon'
Summer solstice sunset
Chambered cairn at Treen
Summer solstice sunset as seen from Trencrom Hill
the sun rolls down the left-hand slope, setting between Trink Hill (L) and Rosewall Hill (R)
Chambered cairn at Treen
One of two, uphill from Gurnard's Head
Treryn Dinas from Trewavas Head
Treryn Dinas across Mount's Bay
in the far distance, as seen from Trewavas Head on the Lizard
Maps and images from Chapter Twenty-Two:
The Heart of the World
Boscawen-un alignments
St Michael's Mount alignments
Summer solstice sun from Woon Gumpus
Summit cairn on Chapel Carn Brea
Summer solstice sun from Woon Gumpus
Summit cairn on Chapel Carn Brea
Mulfra Quoit
Sancreed Beacon
Mulfra Quoit with St Michael's Mount behind
Cairn on Sancreed Beacon
Bosiliack Barrow
Carn Kenidjack from Chun Castle
Bosiliack Barrow from Lanyon Quoit
Carn Kenidjack as seen from the gateway to Chûn Castle
Shining Land
A book by Palden Jenkins about the ancient sites of West Penwith in Cornwall
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