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Shining Land
The ancient sites of West Penwith, Cornwall
Palden Jenkins
Shining Land
and what they tell us about megalithic civilisation
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Simulacra | Rock-beings in Cornwall

Simulacra are natural forms - such as rocks - that look like beings.

Trees, clouds and landscape features can qualify too, but here we're looking at rocks.
Simulacra are a symptom of the enchanted aspect of nature. And it's all in how you see things.
One of the world's richest places for simulacra
must be the area just south of Land's End around Carn Boel and Pordenack Point.
Here, the granite formed in ways which have produced many suggestive forms.

Now for some simulacra from
other parts of West Cornwall.

Wave your cursor over the picture
to find out where they are.

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Shining Land
A book by Palden Jenkins about the ancient sites of West Penwith in Cornwall
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